iPhone 14 Pro Max Repair Replacement Services

  • iPhone  14 Pro Max OLED Cracked Screen Replacement: Call 

  • Charging Port Replacement: $129.99

  • Battery Replacement: $119.99

  • Camera Replacement: $149.99

  • Speaker Replacement: $99.99

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max BACK GLASS / HOUSING REPLACEMENT : $149.99

  • Free Diagnostic

ProFix Wireless Smartphone Tablet Repair Services

Phone Repair Services

  • Cracked Screen Replacement / Repair / Fix

Cracked your screen? We will fix it in 10 minutes! All apple devices are repaired here in 10 minutes! All other major brands, which include Samsung Galaxy, Lg mobile, and other android devices, will take 20-30 minutes. We have most of the parts already in stock.

  • Battery Replacement / Repair / Fix

Have a problem with your phone battery? Is your battery only lasting for a short time, even after being fully charged? Is your battery only partially, or not charged at all, even after it has been plugged in for a couple of hours? Is it leaking battery fluid? We can fix it.

  • Camera Replacement / Repair / Fix

When was the last time you were able to take a perfect selfie? If you’re going through selfie withdrawal because your phone just isn’t working right, you don’t have to invest in a whole new phone to get back to filling up your Instagram feed! With Front Camera Repair service from ProFix Wireless, you can get back to using your camera to take photos in no time!

  • Speaker Replacement / Repair / Fix

Speaker not working like it used to? We will fix it!

  • Lens Replacement / Repair / Fix

Broke your camera lens and can’t take good pictures? We are here to help you. We can change your camera lens in minutes!

  • Charging port Replacement / Repair / Fix

Having a problem charging your phone? Can’t connect to your computer? There’s no need to wiggle your charger. Just bring it here and we will fix it!

  • Home / Power Button Replacement / Repair / Fix

Your home and power button are very important.. All phones need them to work. If you have problem with either of these buttons, we are here for you.

  • Broken LCD Screen Repair / Replacement / Fix

Broke your LCD screen and can’t see anything on the screen? Do you see weird colored lines on the screen? Is your screen completely black? We can fix it. You don’t need to buy a brand new phone.

Any other problems you may have, just ask. We are more than happy to help!